Wizards & Warriors STEM Summer Camp in Burlington and Waltham, Massachusetts

Hosting a Guard Up Summer Camp

Guard Up’s Wizards & Warriors and Zombie Summer Camps are the summer camps we all wanted to attend as a kid – where instead of watching movies or playing video games about heroes, mythological creatures, treasure and adventure, we get to live it! Kids spend the summer playing a character of their own design, fighting monsters (with foam swords or NERF Blasters) and solving mysteries.

Buried within our adventures is the real treasure: Education. Potion Making class teaches introduction to chemistry. Our scrolls and spells teach kids Latin. Our Sword Master instructor our heroes in the physics of sword fighting (momentum, power, leverage, etc). Woodland Rangers share knowledge of environmental conservation. And much more.


WHAT we do…

We inspire children & teens by providing the following:

  1. A dynamic summer camp filled with physical interaction and constant scenarios that require teamwork, communication and compromise.
  2. Characters and creatures from real world mythology, literature and history which inspire kids to learn more in order to succeed at their quest.
  3. An ongoing, interactive storyline in which children’s decisions change the direction and outcome of the story.

HOW we do what we do…

We accomplish this by:

  1. “Unplugging” kids from the computer and motivating them to exercise and make friends in person.
  2. Educating children in a manner that is exciting and imaginative… where exploration and possibilities are endless.
  3. Providing an environment where a child’s actions have consequences and where their decisions can make a difference.

WHY we do what we do…

Our goal is to help children:

  1. Become well rounded and well balanced individuals.
  2. Embrace learning as an exciting and lifelong endeavor.
  3. Become self confident, responsible, and optimistic through creative play.

Play is practice for real life.

If you are interested in purchasing a franchise or just hosting a Guard Up or Story School Summer Camp at your school, church, recreation center, or other facility, please consider the requirements listed below.  If you believe that you are able to accomodate our summer camps, please read through the list of requirements and fill out the form below.  We would love to talk to you!

Interested in a Franchise?  The best way to approach starting a Wizards & Warriors Camp Franchise is to first spend a summer working at our camp in Massachusetts.  This will allow you to experience first hand what you and your staff can expect when you have your own location.  During the summer, you will also have an assessment available to you which will help both you and the company decide if a franchise opportunity is appropriate going forward.  If so, your next step would be to find a Host location for the following summer and begin the process setting up a day camp (we do not franchise our overnight programs at this time).  The first summer of operation, Guard Up would run the program and you would work as a paid administrator.  If, after passing an assessment, you are prepared to take over the camp, a contract is drawn up, fees paid, and ownership of that camp will pass to you.


List of Requirements for a Guard Up / Story School Summer Camp

  1. Duration/Dates: Facility must be available for at least 2 weeks of camp plus 1 full week for staff training.  The training week does not require exclusive use of fields or dining hall.  All 3 weeks require exclusive use of all other rooms listed herein.  The dates must fit between the first week of July and second week of August.  Some variation may be acceptable depending on local school closing and opening dates.
  2. Dining: Either a dining hall with a capacity of at least 70 or a large function space of similar size where food can be served.  Food service can either be onsite (current provider for a cafeteria) or outsourced if a local provider is available.  If food service is not available, we can consider a “pack your own lunch” option for our day campers.
  3. Health Facilities: Either a nurse’s office or a classroom of at least 250 sq ft with a faucet/sink and located near a bathroom.
  4. Internet Access: Either Wi-fi or hardwired internet access for our laptops.
  5. Modular Room:  A large, air-conditioned open room which will serve as an Adventure Space where kids will interact with monsters and characters and navigate mazes.  This room should be at least 1200 sq feet in size.  2 smaller spaces that connect via an in-room door can be considered.  Electricity must be available in this space.
  6. Field: Exclusive use of a large open field for learning exercises and adventure battles from Monday through Friday from 9am until 5pm.  Any cleared space can be used – athletic fields are not necessary.  Approximately 1+ acre is desirable.
  7. Day Campers:  Location must allow for Day Campers to be bused in from local pick up spots. Surrounding location must have desired demographic for Day Campers (middle/upper income, high density neighborhoods).
  8. Buses: We can make arrangements for the buses.  If location has bus service, we can see about working with the current provider.
  9. Rain: During the Parent Day (second Thursday of the session) a large indoor space must be provided in case of rain/lightning.  This can be a gym, large open room, or field house.
  10. Toilets: Sufficient toilets and sinks must be accessible to day campers and staff during the day.
  11. For Overnight Only:  If you wish to host an overnight camp (not required, but allows for more revenue per week), your location must either be zoned for a residential school or business or be a nonprofit educational institute (such as a nonprofit high school).  This is important as it pertains to permitting so that your location’s stated use can be adjusted for the summer.  Also for Overnight Summer Camp, showers for each gender are necessary along with a dining hall and kitchen suitable and available 7 days a week for 3 meals a day.



Facility Cleaning: We will be responsible for cleaning our areas on a daily basis. i.e. picking up, emptying trash, restocking bathrooms, etc. We will also take one day to fully clean the areas that we lease. This includes full cleaning of floors, field debris, bathrooms, etc. We will leave the facility as we found it, if not cleaner.

Other Groups:  We can cohabitate with other groups as long as the hosted space we lease is protected from outside groups accessing rooms in use.

Continued Relationship:  Our company is seeking a long lasting relationship with our host and would like to consider a multi-year contract with the right host after the initial year.  Assistance in marketing and staff recruitment would be appreciated to help insure a successful camp and maximize the rental fee paid to the host organization.

Press and Professional Visitors: Our camp attracts a great deal attention from local news stations, bloggers, and newspapers, as well as academic professionals interested in our education methodology.  We will inform our host of their scheduled arrival and provide the opportunity for input and networking.

Franchise Transfer:  Our company may be able to set up a camp at your location, train your staff, run the first summer’s camp, and then transfer the ownership of the camp to your company or organization in exchange for Franchise fees.  Fill out the form below for more details.

If you are interested in hosting or purchasing a franchise of a Guard Up Educational Summer Camp, please fill out the form below.

Hosting or Franchise Request for Information

Please fill out this application form (make sure to fill out all fields) and we will get in touch with you shortly.
  • This is required for any hosting agency or individual according to Massachusetts law.
  • Tell us more about yourself or your organization and provide additional details about your experience related to this opportunity.
  • Please provide as much detail as possible regarding your management, sales, marketing, and finance experience.
  • *Please copy and paste your resume. Include 3 professional references with email and phone numbers.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.