A Summer of Adventure at Wizards & Warriors Summer Camp

A Summer of STEM Adventure…

Wizards & Warriors Camp is a creative STEM-based summer camp run by professionals, parents, and teachers who wanted to create the experience of a live adventure as a way to help kids and teens discover the hero they hold inside.

Parents & Guardians:  Our mission is to create life long learners who make a difference in the world.  We do this by emotionally engaging our campers in educational adventures where they are excited about learn science, math, Latin, history, and more in order to solve the mystery in which they are the Hero.

Take a moment and imagine how your child will feel when…

  • In a moment of strife, they discover their courage…adventure
  • When they stand before a villain and fight for those who cannot defend themselves…
  • When they speak for those who suffer from lack of a voice…
  • When they face failure and continue forward because they know, deep in their heart, that they can survive this setback and try again…
  • When they bond with other kids who feel the same call to action and desire to be greater than the moment before them…
  • When they celebrate their victory with an intense feeling of accomplishment – because they had a part in this story and they made a difference.

Your child or teen is a hero. Give them the chance to prove it to themselves and you will see your child grow into the hero they want to be:  A hero who makes a difference in the world.  Because our stories are your child’s practice for real life.

“Justin said this was the best camp he’s ever attended–and he’s attended at least 10 different camps in the past 4 summers. Thank you so much for making the magic happen! We’ll be back for all 4 weeks next year!”   (Jillian Lokere)

“A sensitive exposure to other cultures adds an ethical dimension to the experience, reinforced by the camp’s emphasis on compassion, courage and honor as the highest virtues to which the young heroes should aspire.”  (NPR)

The next step is simple… just call us at  (781) 270-4800 or fill out the below form and we will contact you and answer your questions. Or you can Register Online right now with our mobile friendly form.  We look forward to helping your hero live their adventure!

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Learn More about our Camps…

How we do this:  Our heroes revel in adventure at our STEM-based summer camps and learn a thing to two in the process.  Many of our activities are designed to promote education while campers strive to solve the mysteries before them.  For example…

  • potion adventurePotion Making Class involves basic chemistry lessons where campers combine safe ingredients to make potions.
  • Our scrolls and spells are in Latin and other languages – waiting to be deciphered.
  • Campers learn about biology, environmental sciences and conservation while hiking about our acres of woods and researching in our classrooms.
  • Many of our counselors are Teachers or Masters of Education students who are resources for the young heroes as they  research the various creatures and mystical items from real world literature and mythology.
  • Life skills are refined as campers learn how to work as a team, learn creative problem solving and experience the opportunity to actively practice important character traits such as honor, courage and compassion.
  • Campers have the opportunity to interact with our “Living Characters” from History, Mythology and Literature. What this means is that kids and teens have the chance to learn about historical figures (like Hippocrates), mythological beings (like a Chinese Dragon), or characters from literature (such as Oberon from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream) by interacting with our professional actors who portray them. Our actors heavily research these characters so as to portray them and their time period as accurately as possible. We all know that stories are one of the best vehicles for teaching since they capture our attention; but interactive stories spark our creativity and inspire our dedication.  
  • Our adventures emphasize the development of critical thinking and communication skills such as understanding cause and effect, gathering and analyzing facts, as well as communicating thoughts and decisions.  These are important skills that can benefit growing individual throughout their life.
  • Our summer camp takes safety seriously.  We have a 5:1 camper to staff ratio.  Our average staff age is 26 – we don’t have teenagers as lead counselors.  All of our counselors are certified in CPR and First Aid – not just our medical staff.  Our counselors are on 2-Way Radios, which is good for our story logistics, but also available in case of emergency.  Our camp is run by parents who have their own children attend this camp.  Yes, an active adventure can have higher risks than playing computer games… but an active camper is also at a risk of having more fun!
  • Since many of our campers stay in touch throughout the year as they plan for the next summer’s adventure, your Hero’s allies can belifelong friends

Wizards & Warriors Camps are held at the Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship facility in Burlington, MA, and surrounding communities. Our Overnight and Quest Campers eat in a dining hall and explore fields, trails and halls (in between your skirmishes with zombies, that is).

*Quest Day Camp provides bus transportation from various locations to our Overnight Camp and back again each day. These communities include:  Westford/Carlisle, Burlington, Cambridge/Medford, Reading/Woburn, Newton/Auburndale and Framingham.  This allows Campers ages 7+ to experience the intensity of the Overnight Camp but be home each night in time for dinner. Our Overnight Camp, for ages 8-15 (ages 16-19 Counselor-In-Training), provides transportation to and from the Boston Airport. We also have a special Blackwatch Teen Camp for older teens which provides a higher level of challenge.

Scholarship and financial aid program makes it possible for families who need financial assistance to provide their children with a summer camp experience unlike any other.

*We have both Day and Overnight Camp options for your teen or child.  We have many campers who have never been to an overnight camp before and we have succeeded in making their experience a summer to remember.  If you need help deciding which camps are best for your needs, call us at  (781) 270-4800.

Wizards & Warriors Summer Camp:  Where adventure, learning, and friends await!

Wizards & Warriors Summer Camp is a licensed summer camp owned and operated by Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship.   You might also be interested in our Zombie Summer Camp.