What to Expect in Our Adventures: Wizards & Warriors Summer Camp

What to Expect in Our Educational Adventures


At the Wizards & Warriors Summer Camps, we strive to provide your child or teen with thrilling, STEM-based educational adventures that will be remembered for years to come. You should, therefore, discuss with your young hero beforehand what they can expect. Our adventures involve staff and other campers dressed in costumes, makeup, and masks that can be frightening to some. (Think “Haunted House”, but where you actually get to fight the monsters with foam swords and you learn something!)

There might be adventures with low lighting or a quest that takes the kids into a darkened maze. The key to their success and enjoyment is to stay calm and remember that this is all just make believe. At any time, a child can ask a monster for help if he or she is hurt or truly frightened. Our monsters are people too!

We have special roles for kids who prefer to not be involved in the heat of the battle (healers, sages, and scribes). We also have modules that involve varying levels of “scariness” so that the camper can decide on how much fright he or she can handle. So please talk to your camper and find out what he or she thinks that he or she can handle. Please also let us know on your registration form so that we can accommodate any special needs or concerns either of you may have.

At the Wizards & Warriors Day Camp in Burlington, campers spend the week in our climate controlled facility where they enjoy educational adventures in our giant training room.  Heroes start on Monday morning by designing a character, complete with history, culture, and special skills.  Our camp staff have a large room filled with props, masks and costuming to keep the campers engaged with intriguing stories and exciting adventures that teach them about literature, history, science, mythology, Latin, and other academic subjects which are important to solving the mystery.

At the Wizards & Warriors Quest Day Summer Camp, campers will begin their adventures each morning at our Burlington facility or our other designated pick-up locations, where they will be transported to our large, outdoor camp in the Greater Boston Area.  This extended day camp runs Monday through Friday.

At the Wizards & Warriors Overnight Summer Camp, campers begin their adventures the Sunday they arrive at our large, outdoor camp in the Greater Boston Area.  This camp runs from Sunday evening to the next week’s Friday morning.


Food:  Quest Day campers receive lunch as part of their tuition.  All overnight campers receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner as part of their meal plan.  Since we special order our food from caterers, we can accommodate some food allergies and special diets.   As parents, we are concerned about providing healthy options for campers.  We provide a selection of vegetables at both lunch and dinner.  Our bread is whole grain.  We provide milk at every meal.


Lodging:  Overnight campers reside in dorms or class rooms with provided cots. Wizards & Warriors Camp has an important policy regarding our Housing Plan and Gender.



Activities:  Upon arrival to camp, campers meet in the tavern for a Pre-Game meeting. It is very important that all campers are familiar with the rule system before attending this meeting. Some rule clarification will be given, but most of the time will be spent discussing safety and procedures. After a tour of the grounds, adventurers approach the Gate of Destiny and enter the realm of Sidleterra… which is where the adventures begin!

During their stay in Sidleterra, campers will participate in many activities designed to entertain and educate, all the while being very pertinent to the game. Here is just a sampling of what they will learn:

“Spell Casting”: All of our spells that our heroes use to make things happen are based in physics. In order to get their first level of spells, they need to be able to recite and explain Newton’s Laws of Physics. As they progress, the spells get more complex as well as the physics they are based on. In addition, heroes are encouraged to formulate their own spells with the help of their teachers, which are then presented to the Board of Mages. If the physics are acceptable, they then get to name the spell (using Latin) and be the first hero to learn and use it!

“Alchemy”: All of the alchemy that our heroes learn is based in real chemistry. They learn things such as pH balance, chemical reactions, and the characteristics of acids and bases. As they progress, the potions they create become more complex, as well as the chemistry they are based on. In addition, heroes are encouraged to formulate their own potion recipes with the help of their teachers, which are then presented to the Board of Alchemists. If their knowledge of chemistry is acceptable, they then get to name the potion (using Latin) and be the first hero to learn and use it!

Tactical Training:  After visiting the Master-At-Arms, campers learn how to use their Foam Weapons and incorporate team tactics so that their group can withstand the hordes of monsters and undead that plague the village.

Riddle Solving:  The Librarian will help Adventurers learn about the history of the town and why it is haunted by evil creatures. Adventurers can search the scrolls for answers…but first they need to learn Latin!

Guarding the Land:  Heroes learn about the environment of Sidleterra… the plants and animals as well as how to defend them and live in harmony with them.  They help teach the local inhabitants about sustainability and other important measures to protect their fragile home.

Unlocking Mythology:  What are the differences between an Asian Dragon and a European Dragon? What does the African Kalanoro look like? Answers to questions like these are important keys to solving mysteries, discovering treasure, and restoring peace to the land.

Potion Making:  Our Alchemy Guild will help Adventurers brush up on chemistry and mix up various potions that might seal the tombs, identify cursed treasure, or unveil secret messages. Healers learn about biology, first aid, CPR, and other health lessons in order to heal their fellow heroes (everyone loves our healers)!

Treasure Hunting:  To rid the land of evil, young Heroes must gather ancient items and unlock their mysteries to help them in their plight against the dark forces that terrorize the villagers.

Storytelling:  What good is a grand adventure if you don’t have a chance to brag about it? Adventurers learn how to weave fantastic tales and help the local scribe record their deeds in the giant tome so that their stories are preserved for years to come. Reading a book is fun, but imagine campers returning to camp years later to see their character mentioned in the history of this grand adventure!

Dungeon Crawling:  Does your Adventurer need some action? There’s always something going on in the deep, dark, haunted dungeons that hold treasure, monsters, and death traps!

Visit our Photo Gallery to get an idea of the various activities and exciting experiences waiting for your young adventurer.

“Kids learn best when they are engaged and having fun.  Guard Up’s Wizards and Warriors Camps make learning an adventure.  They are some of the most original and effective experiential learning programs I’ve encountered.”

Elizabeth M. Carroll
Director of Education Studies, Yale College


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