Parent Testimonials for Wizards & Warriors Summer Camp

Parent Testimonials

These are just a few of the parent testimonials about their camper’s experience at Wizards & Warriors Summer Camp: 

After his first day at Wizards & Warrior camp my son said, “Mom, that was the best day of my entire life.”  What a great experience!  Huzzah! What a great experience for my two kids. Nate and Eliza will definitely be back. We appreciate the energy, creativity and passion that all of you pour forth into creating a truly memorable experience. I’m not sure who’s sadder that it’s over — me or them!  Cammy Bean

We spent the last 2 summers sampling different summer camps. This one topped ALL the others, by *FAR*! My child loved the costumes, stories, and action; I loved the values emphasized and the way the camp was generally run. The kids ARE “Heroes” here, not just Campers. We’ll be coming back for more weeks next summer, no question!  And I LOVED playing a parent Zombie on the Feast of Heroes day! 🙂  Janice Ritter

Going to Wizards & Warriors Camp is the best camp experience my son has ever had! He can’t wait to go back!!!  My son Ryan, is usually the brainiac who no one really knows at home, but when we went to camp for the feast and heard he stood up in front of everyone to defend a spirit who no one else believed in and changed the minds of the rest, he experienced what I knew he could accomplish. Everyone was telling him how brave he was and that what he did and how he did it was wonderful. I always knew my son could do wonderful things, but I was just the mom, I’m supposed to say that. But this camp allowed him to show himself. I can’t tell you how important that is and will be to him. Thank you so much for giving him this opportunity. You are so right it is not just a camp, he has been to many of those. It is an opportunity for a child or a teen to reach a potential that otherwise may go unnoticed. I know it is sappy, but it is so true.  Marianne Murphy Harris

(I) Just spent four weeks as a CIT (Monster Camper) and had a blast. This camp keeps you on your toes, and it’s just as fun behind-the-scenes as it is to be a hero! Definitely recommended to any teen who loves telling stories, acting, or just being around kids!  Madison Garland

As parent of one of the campers, Rob Perry, I can only say how much we thank everyone Staff, CIT’s and campers from making Rob’s experience so wonderful! He loved camp and made many new friends. It was great to see him interacting with everyone and hearing how much he was liked and liked everyone in return! Thank you again! Rob is already planning for next year!  Danon Perry

My son had a great time, probably even better than last year! Thank you so much–get some rest and see you next year! April Polant

Discovering Guard Up has been a blessing! From our first interaction for our son’s birthday to last year’s summer experience in Burlington to the school vacation weeks and now Quest camp he has loved every second of it. The people are wonderful, the program is exciting and engaging. I would highly recommend Guard Up to anyone who has a child with an active imagination and a love of stories. Christopher is anxiously waiting for his next quest! Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful program!  Milaina Vitiello Mainieri

Justin said this was the best camp he’s ever attended–and he’s attended at least 10 different camps in the past 4 summers. Thank you so much for making the magic happen! We’ll be back for all 4 weeks next year! Jillian Lokere

My son Andy was a first timer along with Nate and Eliza… on the last day he got in the car and firmly announced “Mom, next year I will be coming to Wizards and Warriors camp every week!”. He had such a great experience at camp! Thank you! Karen Tribble Sheldon

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about all this swordfighting at first – was this experience going to make my daughter overly aggressive? Was she going to come home covered with bruises? But I was very relieved and pleased with how it went. Staff were very clear with campers about appropriate and inappropriate sparring, campers were well supervised, and the rule against striking in anger was very strictly enforced. My daughter had a wonderful time and can’t wait to return!   Janet Breslau