Costumes for Wizards & Warriors Summer Camp

Ideas for Costumes

Costumes for the Wizards & Warriors Camp need not be “authentic” medieval attire. In fact, since you may be crawling through tunnels, jumping over obstacles, or engaging in padded sword play, we encourage our Heroes to think “durable, comfortable, and safe.” Also, since most adventurers are attending for at least two weeks of camp, multiple sets of costumes are necessary due to the high level of activity.

It isn’t necessary to spend a ton of money on specially-made costumes. Keep in mind that Halloween Costumes are almost never durable enough to make it through the rigors of our adventures. So here are some affordable options for filling out your wardrobe using modern clothing:

elf costumes

  • Ask your parents or older relatives for larger size T-Shirts which are Earth Tone in color (brown, grey, maroon, dark green, etc). Add a black belt around the waist and you have a make-shift tunic! These are a favorite among our heroes when the weather gets hot. Please, no logos, words, or screen prints on clothing.
  • The same can be done with an oversized white or other solid-colored button-down shirt.
  • A great source for a Leather Jerkin is to purchase an old leather jacket at a second-hand store and remove the collar and sleeves. Be sure to also pick up some extra leather belts!
  • While you are at the second hand shop, look for cheap costume jewelry and leather purses that can be made into belt pouches.
  • Pants, sweats, or shorts should be solid black, grey, or brown. Make sure there are no logos, words, or images on any costume pieces.
  • Footwear should be brown or black in color. Black out any logos with permanent marker.
  • All Sandals must cover the toes (to prevent stubbing injuries) and must secure to the foot with an adjustable heel strap (to prevent lost footwear while crawling through tunnels). Black out any logos with permanent marker.
  • No camouflage, basketball shorts, or jeans, please!
  • A trip to the fabric store and some quick sewing can make an excellent cloak.
  • Sashes can be made out of strips of cloth, old scarves, or large handkerchiefs
  • A large, solid-colored button-down shirt with the sleeves, collar, pocket, and buttons removed makes an excellent Surcoat.

We also have costumes available for purchase through our Trading Post. You will be given the opportunity to order these with your registration.