Wizards & Warriors STEM Summer Camp in Burlington, MA and Surrounding Communities

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Wizards & Warriors Camp isn’t just a place where kids and teens go for some time in the summer.  It’s a summer camp community of people who believe in the best of humanity and the heroic cause.  Our campers arrive for the first time and meet other campers who “get” them… because those who believe in endless possibilities recognize the same in others.

summer camp communityOur campers make life long friends.  After the camp season closes for the year, our campers stay in touch and socialize with each other until the day when they return for another quest.  We have campers who have been with us since they were just old enough to attend… and who are now CIT or staff.  This is not unusual… because often, campers wish to return the gift of story and adventure to the younger generations following them.  Playing and learning through adventure is exciting… creating a world of imagination and education for others is profoundly inspirational.

We hope that you or your camper will join our summer camp community and be a part of something larger than themselves… a place where possibilities are endless… and where the desire to be a hero is exalted and encouraged.


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