Group Activities with Wizards & Warriors Group Events in Massachusets

Why Us for Your Group Activities?

Groups and Organizations choose us because:

  1. Our entire group activity is designed to challenge participants (we call them Heroes) with scenarios that require teamwork, creative problem solving, negotiation skills, environmental education, bravery, imagination, and more.
  2. Through creative role play, heroes don’t just learn valuable skills – they get to actively practice them!  This practice time allows a deeper level of understanding and retention.
  3. Our staff are trained and attentive to the individual’s physical and emotional well being.
  4. We have rules of conduct and special equipment to help keep our events safe (with special foam swords and foam “spells”).
  5. Our participants were born to be heroes and are treated as such.
  6. We offer adventures that are rated for different levels of “scariness” so that heroes who are frightened easily can opt to attend a less intense interaction.
  7. We make sure that participants understand that this is all just pretend; in reality, our monsters are people too!
  8. The average age of our instructors is 32… not 18!  Many of our staff are parents, leaders, and teachers.
  9. We have a Group Liaison whose job it is to make sure you feel secure about your group’s well being, to address your group’s special needs, and to answer any of your questions or concerns before, during and after the activities.
  10. Wizards & Warriors group activities are owned and run by parents – we “get” kids and we “get” adults.

Wizards & Warriors Group Activities provide participants the opportunity to expand their knowledge of company or group culture and develop important life or work skills, as well as exercise personal or company values through creative, interactive role-playing and a positive learning environment.

group_activitiesMotto: The most important motto of our group activities is “Safe, Fun, Educational”. These are our “3RO” (three rules of operation). Every adventure, activity, and interaction that our heroes experience must incorporate these three rules.

History: Our group activities are very unique in that the experience is based on an interactive story line in which the participants decide the outcome. But here’s the best part: The story never ends! Our heroes do succeed in various tasks and quests, but the world in which these stories are made continues on at the next event, picking up where it left off. This novel concept of a live, interactive and educational story for heroes of all ages has been perfected over the past decade at our camp and facility in Burlington, MA. It is here that our full and part time staff can work year round providing the adventure and environment that our students and groups enjoy.

Staff: All staff at Wizards & Warriors group activities are required to attend paid training in safety, emergency response (CPR and First Aid certification provided), risk management, rules and procedures, conduct, and group management. Successful completion of training and assessment of skills is necessary for continued employment.