Wizards & Warriors STEM Summer Camp in Burlington, MA and Surrounding Communities

Wizards & Warriors Summer Camps

A far away land has called for your help…

Will you travel across dangerous terrain and face great peril?
Are you the Hero needed to free this land of evil creatures?
Take up your sword, brave Warrior,
And hold you staff high, wise Wizard,
Tales will be told for years to come of your great deeds…

Welcome to Sidleterra!

Join us for an unforgettable adventure. Create your own character in an ongoing storyline that never repeats. Choose your special skills and defensive weapons. Decide what to do next when opportunity (or trouble) arises. Stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow heroes as you fight treacherous villains, solve ancient mysteries, defend the fragile land, and win long lost treasure. Forge your destiny, young Hero… your adventure awaits you!

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Parents (and Campers): Your child or teen (Hero) will revel in adventure at our camps… and learn a thing to two in the process.  Many of our activities are designed to promote education while campers strive to solve the mysteries before them.  For example:

* Potion Making Class involves chemistry (you can never have enough Healing Potions).

*Our scrolls and spells are in Latin – waiting to be deciphered (Light Spells come in handy in dark dungeons).

*Campers learn about biology, environmental sciences and conservation (the Heroes are the guardians of the land of Sidleterra, their source of adventure, life and magic).

*We have Archeologists on staff (no kidding!) who are resources for the young heroes as they research the various creatures (and monsters!) and mystical items (treasure!) from real world folklore and mythology.

*Life skills are refined as campers learn how to work as a team (to infiltrate the monster’s lair), learn problem solving (riddles, puzzles and traps!) and experience the opportunity to actively practice important character traits (honor, courage and compassion).

*Campers have the opportunity to interact with our “Living Characters” from History, Mythology and Literature. What this means is that kids and teens have the chance to learn about historical figures (like Hippocrates), mythological beings (like a Minotaur!), or characters from literature (such as Beowulf!) by interacting with our professional actors who portray them. Our actors heavily research these characters so as to portray them and their time period as accurately as possible. We all know that stories are one of the best vehicles for teaching since they capture our attention; but interactive stories spark our creativity (and action!)

* Our camp takes safety seriously.  We have a 4:1 camper to staff ratio.  Our average staff age is 26 – we don’t have teenagers as counselors.  All of our counselors are certified in CPR and First Aid – not just our medical staff.  Our counselors are on 2-Way Radios, which is good for our story logistics, but also available in case of emergency.  Our camp is run by parents who have their own children attend this camp.  Yes, an active adventure can have higher risks than playing computer games… but an active camper is also at a risk of having more fun! (a healthy hero can fight more monsters!)

*Since many of our campers stay in touch throughout the year as they plan for the next summer’s adventure, your Hero’s allies can be lifelong friends (and allies!)

*Our scholarship and financial aid program makes it possible for families who need financial assistance to provide their children with a summer camp experience unlike any other.

Wizards & Warriors Camp:

Where adventure, learning and friends await!  (and monsters… don’t forget the monsters…)

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Wizards & Warriors Camps are licensed summer camps owned and operated by Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship.   You might also be interested in our NERF Zombie Summer Camp or information on our After School Program.

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This camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health.